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Which T-SUV are you?

No matter who you are or where you're going, with our range of SUVs there's one that'll suit you to the T.

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How much space
do you need?

Enough for 4 Enough for my adventurous life Enough for comfort Enough for the family More than you’d think

What’s on
your playlist?

An eclectic mix Road trip anthems Latest radio hits An insightful podcast Nursery rhymes to top 10 hits Road trip sing-alongs

social-media app?

Twitter TikTok Instagram LinkedIn Facebook

Who are you
taking with you?

Those as bold as I am Whoever's ready to go. Let's go! Close friends My business partner Family Family and a few more

What’s your
kind of drive?

Unexplored roads Living to the full New experiences Adventures to business ventures Road trips to school trips

Where do
you thrive?

City streets On open roads Roads less travelled Suburbia

Which word
describes you
to the T?

Defiant Free-spirited Playful Pioneer Family-orientated

Finding your perfect T-SUV


Your match is the

You’re playful and energetic, making sure to live life by your own rules. Just like the T-Cross you’ve got the confidence to chase down your next dream.

Meet your T-SUV now